Youth Of Chur

Youth of Chur

Thoughts about Sustained Serenity and sustainability from the perspective of three young people living in Chur 2015.

Rick“The moments I need to unwind or reconnect are dedicated to myself, and I don’t really need anyone to teach me how to do it. The same ideology applies to sustainable living, I already have strong opinions on it and feel like I’m doing a good job. Thus this artificial creation of Sustained Serenity wouldn’t necessarily work for me, however I do see it as potential market for others. In 2030 I am sure majority of the people would visit Sustained Serenity but at least to me it sounds like a crowded place run by a group of nutcases.”

– Rick

”I like the idea and the vision. I think there would be market for it in 2030, probably simon 123already today. I could imagine it for myself as a place to visit and if I have a family  then even more. I think the society will accept sustainable solutions only if they are more fun and efficient. People only accept forward and not backwards. They don’t accept limitations. Looking at the electric cars, for example Tesla 500 horsepower is awesome! I would get it right away. The little Renault Zoe 150km range car that I have is no future. Solutions need to be good in quality and there needs to be progress. “


Tash“When we were little we had a farm and it was really nice just to be with the animals and do stuff around, try to be self-sufficient, and just learn where things come from. I think nowadays there are a lot of kids who don’t know where, for example, the milk originates. I would visit Sustained Serenity even just for myself to get in touch with my childhood memories again. However I think that the problem with the world in 2030 is that we will run out of space, so even if people would want to be self-sufficient there wouldn’t be enough land to use. Possible solution could be rooftop gardens where people could grow veggies and herbs. I, for example, already grow my own vegetables in my garden. And if you work together with your neighbours, you could grow tomatoes and the other one could grow zucchinis and one could grow whatever. Sharing is caring!”