vision“Chur has several hotels which attract tourists who want to enjoy the nature, mountains and the great variety of excursions. In our opinion, people who enjoy the nature are also potential supporters of more sustainable hotels. Our idea is to implement a concept for getting hotels to build more „green installations“ in the bathroom. We focus on the bathroom because it contributes to a big percentage of water and energy consumption of a hotel. Hence, hotels that are joining us would need to install at least a certain amount of our listed sustainable installations in order to get our certification label. The name Green Hotels has been chosen because it shows the customer directly that the concept is about sustainability and a lot of people will feel good when they can mention that they stayed in a green hotel.”

I have only read it once and straightaway saw it as conceivable and feasible.








I was so fascinated about this vision I had it up in my mind for the next several days. I couldn’t stop thinking about this great invention. Hence, I was putting down what I had up in my mind. Since one of my passion is drawing, I tried to illustrate my thoughts in pictures. You can see my drawings in the picture gallery down here:

However, let’s stop with my drawing skills and go back to the main part of the story here. 309245.image1