As you can see, sustainability is not only about the green aspect concerning our environment, such as Ecosystems, but also involves five additional dimensions. The Ecosystem with its resources is the basis for a sustainable engagement, while Cultural values reflect the interaction and appreciation towards the ecosystem. It is crucial that the pillars Social and Economic Wellbeing are balanced against each other. This means the society and economic activities have to preserve our nature and care about the limited natural resources of our ecosystem. Advanced Technology supports the sustainable engagement since it builds the roof of a sustainable concept and should therefore be implemented in all above mentioned five dimensions. Participation requires the involvement of all the individuals and addresses the importance of the widest possible cooperation of the former mentioned.


You probably agree that this theory sounds nice and promising, but how can I apply this model in the practice and what does it actually mean for the implementation of the Green Hotels concept?


Through advanced and modern technology, sustainable practicing is possible. Therefore modern technology is highly essential in order to create sustainable bathrooms and purchase sustainable equipment. Better technology enables for example the supply of rain water to flush toilets or light sensors in the aisles.

Social Wellbeing

The Green Hotels concept contributes to an increased image of the city Chur and makes the inhabitants proud of living in a city that is pioneer in maintaining sustainable bathrooms within Switzerland. With the right marketing mix, the concept of Green Hotels will attract more tourists and therefore generate more profit to the local economy. A continuous and transparent communication with the inhabitants of Chur will ensure their satisfaction in terms of the project and give them the opportunity to ask questions and eliminate uncertainty from their side. At the same time, this intercommunion helps to raise the awareness of sustainable thinking within the society.

Economic wellbeing

Our hotel concept contributes a lot to the local economy since the material for the installations in the bathrooms comes from local producers in Grisons and the tourists feel well about supporting sustainable facilities. The charity of the locals in Grisons will contribute to the financial liquids and help to boost the project forward.

Cultural value

With the sustainability concept of bathrooms of our Green Hotels in Chur, those hotels will represent a role model of sustainability within society. Hence, Green Hotels will get a cultural value of Chur.


All the hotels which take part in the project will benefit of a Green Certification Program. By fulfilling the certification standards, the hotels are rewarded with a Certification Symbol that ensures the efforts done in the field of sustainable bathrooms. There are three different levels of certificates: The lowest, medium and highest level which are called Base, Plus and Pro. Moreover, the benefits of the local donations and the assistance of local suppliers makes our vision possible.


Every hotel which runs under the Green Certification Program has a certain amount of sustainable installations and runs a sustainable business. Innovative technological equipment enables a reduction of the water waste by the replacement of rainwater and a reduced energy consumption is reached through the use of solar panels.

So this was quite a bunch of information and now I am totally exhausted of sitting behind my computer desk and need some fresh air. Thank you for your patience and undivided attention. Next time I will demonstrate you with some facts and figures the advantages of a hotel following sustainable guidelines which you will find back in the main part again. 309245.image1