Social wellbeing – Simplifying by helping

Nowadays a big part of the Swiss population spend their holidays in the country. In the recent years the citizens have recognized how important the mutual support is. One reason for this fact is that the media more appreciative and thoughtful report about tourism and agriculture. As Family Danatura, many people contribute financially to mountain areas for example in farms. The bank savings have become less important during the last decades, because people no longer trust this type of investment and prefer to see directly to whom their money goes. Additional the Swiss government supports this act through tax incentives. The family Danatura has a stake on the cattle’s from famer Heinrich in Bergün. Every year all financial supporters of this farm are invited to attend a special Farm event. That day everyone can bring up their future ideas supplementary the farmer presents the key figures of this year and inform about the dividend payments and generally what has been going on during the year. Family Danatura uses this occasion to spend a week’s holiday in the mountain village Bergün. The parents booked the individual agriculture package on the homepage of Abula Tourism. All local suppliers have a direct connection to this platform. In addition, they also refer to each other. Because all provider have the same target. Mainly that the customers are coming to their common destination.

A local helps David to find the right way

A local helps David to find the right way





When the Family stays in Bergün it is an easy task to find their accommodation and they feel welcome from the fist second. This results from the fact that the whole population stands behind the agriculture tourism and are fully informed about the offers. So it does not matter which person they ask everybody knows the exact way to their place and in addition to that give extra information about the region.

The holiday week flies by, the whole family feels so well in the region. Especially due to the fact, that they see a coordinated image from Bergün and not a rate race. So they decided, like many others too, to rent a land area there to contribute a contribution to landscape conversation.

How to get there

Commitment Implementation Communication & Control
Population has to be sensitized  and  // revalue  Image // Demonstrate the benefits Offering activities for each generation (e.g. volunteer (integration) program //  Marketing campaign // Build infrastructure who people can exchange their ideas // Organize events // Raise a fund for new ideas Evaluate of many people had participating the programs // Make surveys about the perceive in the population  // count the numbers of ideas which have been implemented

Best practise:

Interview sequences

How are the farmers seen in the sociaty?