Economy welfare – Financial godparenthood of farm-animals are launched

Lucy is excited because she will see the goat for who she took over the godparent hood. As one of many children Lucy spend a part of her allowance to maintain the goats retired life. On the Heinrich farm at Bergün animals are allowed to become old and die because of natural reasons. To support this animalistic retirement home people can pay to be a godfather or godmother.

Lucy is excited!

Lucy is excited!

Today Lucy can feet, pet and clear out the dung by herself. She explors the insight of a day in the goats life. Every time when she sees a goat or other farm animals she remember this amazing day in Bergün.

Share of agricultural income (Bundesamt für Statistik, 2014)

Share of agricultural income (Bundesamt für Statistik, 2014)


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Farmers are looking for other way to finance their existence considering not giving up their core business. For each animal or machine people can take over a sponsorship.

The fee amounts to the maintenance costs of the particular Goat or mowing machine.

The sponsorships can be sold as gifts or connected to a piece of meat or vegetables which is delivered once a year to the sponsor.

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