Ecology system – Provide regional products through sustainable cultivation

Family Danatura prepares for a snow-hike in the woods and is looking for an ideal lunch to take with. Looking at Heinrich’s farmshop, they are amazed by the simplicity of the prodcuts. Mother Margrith tries to convince the family: “Let’s try the Family-Salsiz! Together with the delicious Bergün-Bio-Bread we bought today it will be for sure a good combination!” Lucy agrees: ”Good idea, I’m fed up with eating bananas for pick-nick all day. And also the father looks forward to the delicious sausage: “Considering the distance a banana has to travel until we can eat it, it is furthermore a better deal to purchase a Salsiz.”

Choosing products at the farm`s shop

Choosing products at the farm`s shop

On the hiking trail they are amazed by the beautiful woods covered in powder snow. The calmness is only interupted by the sunlight melting icepeaks into single drops. Looking “Look, there are traces crossing our path. Are these traces of the endangered “Steinbock”? “Tim, you got a point!”, replies the father taking out the smartphone with the food-tracing library.

Back at the farm the family warms up with a hot herbal tea, originated in Bergün. The Regional-Raclette-Round is waiting for the starving family:

In this raclette round the whole familiy experiences products of the agricultural circle, which originate from the albula valley . Cheese is provided by Farmer Müller, who is specializing on delicious milkproducts. Bread is provided from bakery Lenz, who is creating different breads over decades. The farmer family Heinrich is contributing to the Raclette Round regional vegetables stored in oil and of course the famous bio Salsiz.

How to get there

Commitment Implementation Communication & Control
Inhabitants assure that authentic regional products are:

–          produced according to sustainable and bio cultivation standards

–          available

–          distributed to the consumer

The University of Applied Science Wädenswil in cooperation with the Federal Civil Service is supporting the Farmers from Bergün with newest research about sustainable cultivation. As a result farmers implement measures for developing their sustainable cultivation.


Seasonal analyses of measures taken.

Controlling circle:
Analyse, adapting measures, reimplement measures, control


Best Practice

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Is there a cooperation between service provider and farmers?