Cultural Value – Reputation of farmer increases

During a stroll through the village of Bergün, Family Danatura passes by an organic farm. Tim’s eyes widen and he says: “When I am older I want to become a farmer!” His father answers: “How come?”

Tim shows his dream

Tim shows his dream

“They work in and with the nature. Furthermore seeing animals grow up and working along them through the seasons. Can you imagine how amazing that would be? That’s what I want to be part of.”

2050, becoming a farmer is something many children dream of. But only a few are able to achieve it – especially in mountainous areas like Heinrich’s farm, its even harder. To get the permission to farmer’s school means to be physically and mentally on a high level. Farmers are respected people in the Swiss population either in the urban or country areas. Working as a farmer is a vocation not just a job.

How to get there

Commitment Implementation Communication & Control
Farmers start to think together about ways to open the farms to the public. The tradition of the harvest festival will be celebrated together with a Sundays Brunch on the farm.

People of every age can work through a trial. For young people it is more about job orientation and for the elder it is a sabbatical.

Annually, Farmers visit the schools in their region and invite schoolkids for a visit to their farm for some time during a week or in school holidays.

Every year the data about the trials will be gathered in a statistic. The monitoring over years will show the success.

Best Practice

Interview sequences

How does a traditianal farm looks like?

What does agritourism for the reputation of the farmers?

How does a farmer earn his income?