Agritourism 2050

The Flower of Vision

The flower of vision




Cultural Value

Ecology System

Social Wellbeing

Economy Welfare





The shown flower symbolizes the growth of the vision. Like a seed our vision starts in 2015 and grows until 2050 when it becomes a beautiful flower. The measures act as nutrition which allows the flower to grow.

In order to achieve this vision a process of three steps is approached. Commitment of the participants shows how the participants can engage with the idea of the vision. The implementation step shows what measures have to be implemented in order to achieve the vision. Finally the step of communication and controls shows how to assure and measure that the implementations are fulfilled.

A local farmer from the Albula Valley was interviewed in order to get an impression of the current situation of agritourism, to get an insight about farm-activities and to develop a vision for 2050. Being an innovative, openminded and active farmer he represents the future farmer community.

Introduction of the family Danatura

Family: Danatura (from left to right)

Son: Tim

Mother: Margrith

Father: David

Daughter: Lucy

From: Zürich City, Switzerland

The family Danatura loves to spend there holiday in charming destination of Bergün/Bravuogn. Since David was a little boy he visits the mountain village at least once a year. For the two children Lucy and Tim Bergün is like a second home.